Who is Mads Opheim?

I'm a tech lead, developer and test enthusiast. I'm at my best when I can make people awesome, or when I'm with a keyboard and an IDE.

Currently, I work in Computas, a Norwegian consultancy company. I'm working on a project for the Norwegian Courts, where I'm tech lead, and hence dealing with all from architecture via development to discovering business needs.

I want to make people awesome, and I've found test-driven development, Domain-driven design and Modern agile as very useful techniques to achieve that.

Building software is - and should be! - fun, while we should keep in mind that we're doing it to help the users get going. The software and the code is not a goal in itself, it's means to an end.

Technically, I feel most at home with Java as the programming language, while Kotlin is quickly becoming another favourite. I also do some side projects involving other languages, including PHP, Python and TypeScript. I like the ideas from the functional programming paradigm, so I try to write my object-oriented code as functional as possible.

I also do speaking at conferences and meetups, and a list of my talks along with slides and, where available, recording, is available at the talks page.