I'm a tech lead and developer. Read more about me.

Mads Opheim

Tech I'm frequently using

Java (8&11), Maven, Jakarta EE 8, Eclipse MicroProfile, Git, Mercurial, Jenkins, SonarQube, Google Cloud Platform, Quarkus, Wildfly, REST, Mockito, JUnit, Docker, Microsoft SQL Server, Vue, HTML, TypeScript, GitHub, yarn, npm and a lot more


Tech is important to solve the problem right, but you also need to solve the right problem. I've in-depth knowledge of Domain-driven design, and stick to test-driven development and Modern agile. I know Kanban, behaviour-driven development and Scrum and other methodologies as well.

Formal knowledge


I've been doing a lot of presentations on various topics at meetups, conferences and other events both domestically and internationally. See the full list here.


Side projects

  • This webpage. Built using Vue.js, based on Gridsome
  • Viatrumf scraper. Scraping bonus point earnings from online stores at Viatrumf. Running version at
    Scraping with Python and Scrapy, running with Google Cloud Functions. GitHub
    Backend-for-frontend running on Quarkus on Java 11 at Google Cloud Run. GitHub Frontend built with Vue.js, utilizing Axios and Chart.js, running on Netlify. GitHub
  • MicroProfile IoT. Controlling Philips Hue light bulbs through a set of microservices. Mainly intended as a showcase for Eclipse MicroProfile, running on several different appservers, including Quarkus, Thorntail, KumuluzEE and OpenLiberty. Co-project with Rustam Mehmandarov. GitHub
  • And others, which are available on GitHub